Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Lemon

I liked being on the tree,
I miss that now.

I was uncomfortable being on a produce rack
With other strange lemons.

I miss my tree. I want to hang out there again.
Iced tea was never my destiny.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Susie Salmon Talks with Frank Booth

"Why do you hate us still?"
"Because you are were alive and happy."

Four Flies on Blue Velvet

It doesen't matter what is inversely proportional.
The flies are here.

Shimmering, udualting to the music of the spheres
The old ritual occurs with ease, plopping.

One on the canvas,
One on the paper,
One on the celluloid,
One on the LCD.

Swarming their creator,
Plopping, plopping, plopping, plopping.

Lynch, Scorsese, Wenders, Altman,
All digested by blue-bottles.
Leaving time unbound and aimless
For Mdm. é to interpret.

The disturbance of anticipation is
Interrupted by silent screams from the wasteland.

Buzzing and plopping,
The four flies orbit patiently,
Waiting for the moment when a
Temporary lapse of reason engages.

Bite the blue velvet scarf
As a dwarf protests being exploited
For a billboard ad promising
New heights in drama and hygeine.

Bring more salt,
You are me, eat your fill now.
Flies plop into the cairn
And smile eeirely, dreaming of blue velvet.

We all float here,
We fight the enemy,
But we don't know why.
We eat and the four flies watch.

Karen fell off the swing.
Mary made herself throw up.
Jill lost her voice in the knobs.
Carla drove to lost conclusions.

Plop, plop, plop, plop.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Art Class

The view from the observation room
Is the best.

Whoever knew that Jupiter had that many moons?

The Cyclops are Here


I write...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Elementals

Thor needed air to breathe,
I breathe that same air.

Hercules needed earth to stand on,
I stand on that same earth.

Alexander's battlethirst needed water,
I drink that same water.

Helen needed fire to burn forever,
My fire to her surrendered.

Crack the clock,
Cut the cork,
Crash chakras,

Color worlds.

Readspeak one verse backwards.
(in mirror shards from the last boat of broken souls)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

North Carolina Mud


You are an exiled Earth Spirit
And I am hungry.

Meeting on Bridges

Glimmering ghosts,
Chatter in the night.

Drinking black tea,
I feel sudden fright.


We met a thousand times,
Bridges were the best.

Casting off cares,
Loving all the rest.


Falling forever,
Synchronized gyres,
We held hands,
Into the fires.


Salamanders danced
Through your eyes,
While I floated
Away to the skies.


I let you go,
The bridge said so.

Now all is woe.
The last word is NO.