Monday, October 19, 2009

Rice Patty Stains

Vietnam rainy seasons,
Mortar fire reasons,
Too tired to quit,
Just rest for a bit.

Patty tilts her head,
Her face turning red,
Was it something you said?
In this rice bed?

Some tropical bird sings,
While rifle fire rings,
And wedding rings fade,
With the promises made.

Prom night dances,
Backseat advances,
Uncle Sam gave me a gun,
And now I can't run.

Footsteps approaching,
Parents reproaching,
I used to eat Chun-King,
Now I taste blood-fling.

White rice wedding show,
Something I will never know,
Patty melts in my dreams,
Yellow faces hear my screams.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Waterfall Elves

When the moon shines bright,
And the nights are long,
Deep in mountain's might,
You can hear their songs.

Notes float, drift away.
Elven music sounds
Blend with water spray,
Joyful without bounds.

Sunrise heralds morn,
Nature's chorus ends.
Youthful, never born,
Elves await day's end.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Water laps at the shore
With unmatched endurance.

Winds blow the sins of the fathers
Across the Midwest forever.

Earth quivers under the strain
Of the eternal Blacksmith.

Forging steel hearts from the
Unforgettable fires of love.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Black is so kamikaze goth,
Purple is so royal,
Yellow is, well yellow,
Blue is so sad.

For Edgar

Do you dance with Annabelle Lee?
Does she even know you?

Were you so alone that night,
That even the raven spurned you?

Where was Reynolds?
You were wearing his clothes...

Virginia was 13 when you married her,
How old was she when you loved her?

Was she cooped as you?
Did the raven first smile on you then?

Does being bloodmeal for Baltimore please you?
I leave roses for you, but they won't tell me...

Why you never played well with others,
Or permitted yourself a "normal" life.

Sleep, Prince of Maryland...
Sleep, endlessly as the oars strike the Styx.

Evermore, evermore.