Friday, November 27, 2009

Rocks with Feelings

Have you ever
Seen granite gravel grovel?
Seen marble roll?
Seen slate break?

They do.

Have you ever
Seen limestone stoned?
Seen quartz shimmer?
Seen coal burn?

They do.

They petrified a forest once.
Fear the rock.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Tellico River Mermaid

Out back behind The Beach,
Yet always out of reach,
Lives the Tellico River Mermaid.

She sings a purring song,
Often all night long,
The Tellico River Mermaid.

Wading out one night,
Some Ballplay boys, not bright,
Approached the Tellico River Mermaid.

Next day found them hanging down
From the steel bridge, all were bound.
Suspended by the Tellico River Mermaid.

The Call of the West

I hear the lilt of Mithrandir's singing
I smell the salty textured colors that drift
From the Undying Lands.

You took our guides away too soon, now the way is lost.

The real wizards replaced by oxymoron-ick social networks whose
Spells are checked and impotent.

My essence yearns for the west. Bell, book, and candle nowhere to be found-
Will a 台灣國際航電股份有限公司 GPS prove worthy as my scout?

Send Shadowfax to carry me Grey Pilgrim. I hear The Wicker Man.

Empty Chairs

To Fill

Empty Chairs
We float in seas of self-absorption,

We eat, we don plastic armor & mock death.

We are alone inside.

Empty Chairs
The poor may be with us always,
But must anyone go hungry?
Does it make us better?

Empty Chairs
"The rider slumps slightly as his horse canters to a happy waltz."
Brontë women went untested. Faulkner men went crazy.
Today we gas ourselves with fumes from the rot of $uccessssssss-
Empty Chairs

"The Little Match Girl cries into a yellowed kerchief

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The english major Summitt Cantos

Canto I. Arrival of the Comatose Word Deacons and open pig ying remarks.

George arrived, still working on a sonnet, something about another male gaze-
The Wilson sisters, all eighteen of them, were being stared at by the Wal-Mart man again.

Sarah got the call in the middle of her best palindrome-something about "Ten Animals I Slam in a Net"

Mrs. Potter left her fields and abandoned her sestina siesta, visibly distraught but not without her thesaurus.

That weird dude in the Neozeed leather jacket and Culture Club tee shirt threw away his thirty-eleventh villanelle and brought Red Bull for all.

Unknown foreign exchange students, $treetwalkers, and amateur chemists flanked the Moderns as they wedged their way between the Romantics and the Post-Raphaelites, chanting "Make it NEW" in an act of civil disobedience that woke a three-legged dog.

The arrival of Instructor cast a pall on us all, his flowing robes robbed the throng of song and hushed the rush.

"Good day and welcome, any cell phone interruptions will be unacceptable, be seated."
He proceeded to unroll a scroll, removed a blunt and lit it.
"There are matters that must be dealt with today, not tomorrow. The first agenda item is "Did Helen Feel Sorrow?'"

A few word protesters, screaming for the inclusion of Holden Caulfield's "Melancholy Meadow Poems" in the literary canon, were quickly dispersed by men in white coats.

(It can be said that-
The last time a mötley crüe like this assembled, tears ran down veiled faces)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Intermittent Eye Contact -for Betsy Jill on her birthday 2009

Weathergirl glances, rain is on the way.
Convenient stork clerk scans money
And dreams of sleep.
Drive-thru worker looks interesting occasionally-
Too busy to care.

Other highway bees pull-out, pass, and turn.
Seldom do they see other faces
Than their own reflected, or phone facsimiles.
In a hurry to get to a place where they will
Want to hurry and leave.


Campus bodies in fish-like motion,
Glide to their appointed rooms
With eyes fixed on mental images of
Various fears, loves, hauntings, and longings.
(Some couple and group, many loners among them)

Professor Doom or Madam Gloom
Await their flocks in chambers glassy,
While Dr. Happy or Ms. Youcandoit
Gleefully welcome fellow narcissists
And lost children needing a guidepost.


Day one is done.
Journey home much the same going as coming.
Looking for someone to ping
A glance from.
I fail again, resigned to
Patrol the deep waters again tomorrow.

(Cautious to hope, yet rebuffing surrender,
Sleep transforms grief in my mirror bed)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mope Poem

Pots stop,
Tips Spit,
Racecar, racecar,
Gnat Tang.

Mug gum,
Rat tar,
Toot toot,
Tor rot.

Door rood,
Dog god,
Noon noon,
Live evil.

Raw war,
Lag gal,
Boob boob,
Pam map.

Lips lisp,
But tub,
Radar radar,
Leg gel.

Spam maps,
Bat tab,
Mom mom,
Saw was.

Lead deal,
Tear tare,
Dad dad,
Dern nerd,

(Read Dear)
Rove over!

Mai Tai Kat

A car is hanging off the steel bridge,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(No one is certain of her origin)

A baby is lost in the library,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(She is good, good, good)

Thirteen Spanish students are rioting,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(She is Bi(lingual))

Someone is burning popcorn in the breakroom,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(She knows about heat)

There's a viscor leak at Denso,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(She looks part Oriental)

Idiot English student can't shut up,
Call Mai Tai Kat!

(She can close that mouth)

Mai Tai Kat,
Mai Tai Kat,
Pour me another,
Mai Tai Kat.