Thursday, November 12, 2009

Intermittent Eye Contact -for Betsy Jill on her birthday 2009

Weathergirl glances, rain is on the way.
Convenient stork clerk scans money
And dreams of sleep.
Drive-thru worker looks interesting occasionally-
Too busy to care.

Other highway bees pull-out, pass, and turn.
Seldom do they see other faces
Than their own reflected, or phone facsimiles.
In a hurry to get to a place where they will
Want to hurry and leave.


Campus bodies in fish-like motion,
Glide to their appointed rooms
With eyes fixed on mental images of
Various fears, loves, hauntings, and longings.
(Some couple and group, many loners among them)

Professor Doom or Madam Gloom
Await their flocks in chambers glassy,
While Dr. Happy or Ms. Youcandoit
Gleefully welcome fellow narcissists
And lost children needing a guidepost.


Day one is done.
Journey home much the same going as coming.
Looking for someone to ping
A glance from.
I fail again, resigned to
Patrol the deep waters again tomorrow.

(Cautious to hope, yet rebuffing surrender,
Sleep transforms grief in my mirror bed)

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