Monday, May 18, 2009

Bass RV

Trailer drop,
Water plop.
Rod reel spin,
Haulin' in.

Body wrap,
River map.
Cinder block,
Justice mock.

Break-down lane,
Pouring rain.
Wash away,
Laura Dey.

Back to work,
With a jerk.
Wishing he,
Fish food be.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Endurance-A Mother’s Day Reflection

The Dalai Lama is a man.
Incapable of real creation.
Oppenheimer & Einstein
May revel ceaselessly, only
As Omegas, never Alphas.

Wolves can feed a baby,
Magick can educate its mind,
Strengthen its body politick,
While only Mother Rex may
Forward the secret of endurance.

Kings can interrupt life,
Soldiers can end life,
Academia can isolate life,
Pink Floyd can expose life,
Mother only can decide life.

Oh, to have just one of your peanut butter and banana
Sandwiches once again…The memory remains.

Mental Colossi

Striding over inferior nodes
Like a spider on a web,
Thinker elite pause only when
Awestruck of self-prowess.

Confident that the masses can
Neither comprehend nor care,
Logic Titans hover around, yet
Remain ungrounded in reality.

Content rather to inbreed
Their God Spark, denying it
Any chance of falling to those
Unaware of the Monroe Doctrine.

Clown in a Bottle-with apologies to SK

Pop a top or pop a cap,
Pull a cork or pull a plug.

Only dead lights can prevent forest fires,
Because we all still float down here, and so can you.

Twelve Spanish Roses at the Cotton-Eyed Joe

Passed out in the bathroom.

Romanced at Regis.

Cried in the parking lot.

Tattooed in Clinton.

Danced to “The Electric Slide.”

Saw Miley Cyrus at Turkey Creek.

Moved to Benton.

Ran a stop light on Kingston Pike.

Liked the Old City a lot better.

Bought a used VW Beetle.

Remembered the boy on the beach.

Found dead in the Kroger-on-Broadway parking lot.