Friday, February 14, 2014

"The Fortean Valentine Incident"

Met I the spirit in a waking dream
Which lasted several lifetimes.
The days afterwards were hollow,
Filled with prits and prots and jots.

Loved I the spirit in a mash up of eras
Darker some than others, like licorice.
Gold rained and water shimmered
Beneath this spirit and the acolyte I.

Lost, I lost this spirit, fallow hope spasm.
Emerging from the ether world back
To dry blood-stained parking lot of
Nondescript convenience store odors.

Heart tattoos vending machine playing
Journey & 2Chainz, wedded alternately.

Night people, drawn by red smells,
Consider me, then snarl and laugh.

Can I Dream the spirit dream again before
I fade into a dim lit waiting room's tapestry?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Meet Me at the Moontower"

Darlin' Phaedra,

Our trail homeward has begun.
We'll be punchin' hoofs in
Texas again ‘fore autumn winds
Start blowin' o'er the prairie.

By your birthday night I promise
To breathe Austin air, clean and combed.
Be at our grove by the little river,
Cleanse my dusty heart by your wondrous sight.

Till then, I'll just sing more to myself,
And ‘ole Stamper, while watchin' this
Trail unwind like your golden tresses,
Shimmerin' in the moonlight.

Yours Truly,