Friday, February 14, 2014

"The Fortean Valentine Incident"

Met I the spirit in a waking dream
Which lasted several lifetimes.
The days afterwards were hollow,
Filled with prits and prots and jots.

Loved I the spirit in a mash up of eras
Darker some than others, like licorice.
Gold rained and water shimmered
Beneath this spirit and the acolyte I.

Lost, I lost this spirit, fallow hope spasm.
Emerging from the ether world back
To dry blood-stained parking lot of
Nondescript convenience store odors.

Heart tattoos vending machine playing
Journey & 2Chainz, wedded alternately.

Night people, drawn by red smells,
Consider me, then snarl and laugh.

Can I Dream the spirit dream again before
I fade into a dim lit waiting room's tapestry?

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