Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Leaving Englewood, I am the reiterate or!

Someone get me water.

We eat that which we cannot defeat!

I lost my appetite!


I am a remnant of

The “days gone by”,

Help me! Help me, Amadeus

I am adrift in the matrix!


This is like a roadside cross

Denoting senseless death!

A marker for the futility

Of doing what is right!


All things want the same,

They want your name,

I refute the dread while

I embrace the One.


We love what we understand,

We avoid the otherwise…

Love the inarticulate beggar,

Abhor our fate!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Kenneth's in a Coma"

It looks bad.

Why was he out past 10 p.m.?

Buying vegetables to become one?

Kenneth never ran with the mumps…


Minivans never crash well,

Has anyone else noticed?

Trucks do, SUV’s too-usually…

Kenneth is in a coma.


Church, check!

Work, check!

Wife, check!

Coma, check!


Kenneth is in a coma,

And no one, not even the Mormons,

Can bring him out-

Magic Underwear fails sometimes.


Kenneth bought tomatoes,

He wanted fresh tomatoes!

He smashed the fresh tomatoes on

Four corners of his unconscious face.


No eggplant, nor mushrooms.

A few zucchini-why is that?

Did Kenneth feel a need to exceed?

The borders of his forced universe?


Kenneth is in a coma,

His wife remembers him with his best friend,

The gothic grocery clerk misses him-well almost!

Kenneth’s in a coma.


Tra la la la lurie,

Tra la la la lay,

Kenneth’s still in a coma,

On another Mother’s Day!