Friday, April 26, 2013

“The Liberation of Palestine Avenue”

The Gooch house has no birds.
Lady of the corner tear smiles
When flattered with a hot iron or
Serenaded with pennies sink plinking.

(She once had potential,
She once drew horses,
She once was Queen HC,
She once breathed freewill)

Dreams afford snatches of sanity,
The dawn brings renewed sadness-
Hus bland’s welcome to the light
“You’re no love, just a placeholder wife.”

To sleep in silent lucidity, to find peace;
These goals Mahalia met for her muse.
Grey night shades gave sway to last tragic day,
The Gooch house has no birds.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

“Hundred Dollar Bill”

‘Write my name down on a Franklin,
Then throw a smile my way after after,
-Race me over in the hof lane
Then try your best to ex plain
Why the reason for the season is you.’

“Can you drive a tractor?
Can you drive a ‘Cedes?
Can you drive a man straight,
To the depths of Hades?
Will the water float truth
Or drown it like Ophelia?
Trust the name you write now,
‘Cos soon you gonna hug ground.”


(Feel the dirt around you,
Tuggin’ breath out of you,
Pine tree be a cryin’,
South wind be a sighin’,
Lay you now a  dyin’.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

“Nightbirds Redux”

In the wee hours
We sing our dreamsong.
Still air dances with
Sweet secret movement.

There is no spoon,
Nor is there echo any
Ever from puresong,
Trailing verbs & reverb.

Silent hay rolls
Hide shadows within
Dark music mosaics-
Reality abstracted view.

Turns taken in sync,
Bereft of timekeepers,
Ruleseekers and rakes.
Smooth as light reflected.

In the fleeting eclipse end,
Where most sleep awakens
Our songs fly away with us
To the other side of the world…