Monday, October 31, 2016

"Fat Girls Love Frappes!-Happy Birthday Momma on Your Birthday"

You died at the right time.
It wasn't a bright time but nighttime.
Yet you were spared to see
Gelationaous gals seeking fat immortality...
Simply because they lost their reason to be...
Hard work...disappointments...discouragements...
You weathered them all astonishingly...
But the fat girls just order their frappes...
Uninterestingly...and fat as mud and twice as dumb.
You were spared the world we have become !!!
Idiot food savants with NO self-respect...sitting in an office like the fat chick from #Carlex that consumes a 1k calorie (ShandaSugarShot) McCafe drink daily...a future Wal-Mart parking violationer-FAT PIG!!!
Oh, and I voted for you yet again! The republicans remain fat pigs too!
Siddhartha!!! I miss you Momma...
At least you never were the paradigm of a fat pig drinking her frappe!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Carnival Ride"

Shelley has died-

(She seldom tried,
Displayed no pride...)

A suicide!!!
(Orpheus lied)

...the red child bride,
Star Mountain-sighed,
OakTree strung---cried.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Our graves, they all face West.
We gave our lives, our best.
Brave men all passed, this test.
Joined in battle, joined in death-
Garrison Valhalla!
Where mighty heroes rest.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Eighteen Angels"

AV the WalMart door greeter. “Hello Fred”

Richard Parker


The invisible one…

The Count of Monte Carlo

Wendy’s girl

Seatwarmer and his Ford Custom

The Freeport consigliore

The ridemate at Goldrush Junction

Gillespie Ave


Bob Ross


The GoldDust Twins.

M&M/hard-boiled egg forest picnics.

Lee & Harris Inc.

Creek bank jumping