Friday, November 22, 2013

"Cement Stoop"

The day Bud Lee
Poured a door pad
For Aunt Esta's white house.

Right after
The smoothing was done,
Gobbler Ervin ambled up
With coarse news.

"Someone blew off
JFK's head in Dallas."
Stillness clung to the
Air like black paint.

Momma's mixed cake batter
Became supper for
Emmy, our collie.
Even the dog seemed stunted.

Sobs in the night
Gave way to the light
Of a newborn day
Filled with death news.

Until the sight of the riderless horse-
(universal sign of a fallen hero)
The flag-draped coffin on a
Somber horse-drawn caisson…

Solidified the nightmare,
Much the same as 3 days
Curing had likewise hardened
Aunt Esta's new cement stoop.

---Bud offered to take it up
And pour a new one.
After some thought, Etts
Figured there was no comfort there.

Kennedy was dead and buried.
(Innocence shattered is glue proof)
The hard cement stoop
Mimicked sad canvas castaway hearts.

Anon endearingly-in stoic communion,
It remains as broad as it was long,
Serving still its unending term
Of remembrances of Camelot days.