Monday, September 1, 2008

The Bermuda Depths

We find each other,
Deep in the blue waters.
Called away by adulthood,
We return once more, at last.

The stars glow so dreamily
As we surf on turtle back-
The blonde scientist son,
The brunette mermaid beauty.

Listen to call of the ocean,
See all the wonder in waves,
Hear homing call of devotion,
Feel true love's heartbeat,

Again, again, again, again.

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Veronica said...

I was one of those people that was just gripped by the movie Bermuda Depths. There have been entire websites dedicated to it. The people that saw it and loved it, still love it and talk about it. I was so haunted by it I actually bought a poor VHS copy of it on Ebay for a ridiculous amount of money just to see it again a few years ago. (BTW, it is on now, in its entirety. Some kind soul posted the whole movie in 10 parts.)

I am convinced that the reason it had such a hold on people is that it disappeared.

Bermuda Depths was a good idea for amovie - a tale of mystery and love, and ghosts and suspense, that was executed as well as it could have been for the time, for a made-for-tv. So it had all the makings of the kind of movie that we'd remember fondly. When you see it again now, you still love it, even though you realize how awful the special effects were, how horrific the acting is by some of the actors, all the things that could have been done better today.

But the cheese realization doesn't diminish the movie for us. I'm convinced that is because we all saw it once, and then that was it. It was gone. Never to be seen again. Maybe Connie Selleca bought the rights and had it destroyed. Who knows. But we never got to see it again, and our imaginations went wild. The way we held it up on a pedestal when we were all 7, 8, 9, 10... years old, has stood the test of time. It was never tested and never broken. It IS as wonderful now in our adult memories as it was in our minds as children, because we've built it up so, and since we never saw it again, the greatness of it was never proved otherwise.

Normally, there's something you worship as a kid, and that fantasy of how great it was is expelled when it's seen again with a maturing eye. For example, maybe you loved those old Spiderman cartoons. But they were on again and again. And what you liked when you were 8, was ok when you were 9, but by the time you were 11 or 12 it was kinda falling by the way side. Buy the time you were 17 looking at it, examining it for the 40th time, you realize - ok, this is kinda dumb.

Well, that normal sequence of events never happened for us with Bermuda Depths. It disappeared. So our first impression of it never got the chance to water down.

It stood the test of time because over time, it was never tested.

Lovely poem. You're obviously someone that was haunted by this movie too.