Monday, December 21, 2009

Silverwind- A Christmas Sonnet (for Pete and Susan)

Blowing from the beginning to the end,
Silverwind never tires nor stops.
Travelogue the world, the hearts of men,
Magicgusts enchant torqued rigid clocks.

(The man lets time domain his life,
The woman accepts this futile ruse,
Silverwind pities this useless strife,
Gives the poor mortals a friendly muse)

"When shall we three meet again?
In summer rain or winter flake?"
Silverwind nods a faintly grin,
Answers "Long as it shall take."

Life boxes in and on, neutrally fey,
Witches tremble and wolves stay in den,
Allowing the observance of Christmas Day!
[Silverwind blows candles and gathers kin]

Silverwind blesses Adam's spawn(the brow sweats)
With comforting breezes and keen mental zest.

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