Monday, April 30, 2012

Windchill Noir

"Whitecaps, yeah it was Whitecaps where Tony bought the seaside home."
"No, he backed out of the deal when Carm found out about one-legged Svetlana."

Lasagna silence.
No closed captioning.

When did we stop talking about getting a place on the water?
When did we stop talking?

The ducks are in the pool. The ducks are in the pool? the ducks are in the pool!
I don't like to fish. I fish every weekend.

I play the Rat-Pack on a boombox outside our bedroom window when I fish.
She never leaves, she will never leave.

Why do I always buy duct tape? I have a case of duct tape.
Waterproof duct tape. The tide is high.

Revenge is like cold-cuts.

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