Tuesday, July 9, 2013

“Dream of Beverly & Trampas”

Hurry and drop old sun,
Let black night’s blanket
Hug round and glide
The way back to the good.

Wearing puka shell necklace,
High top converse & LED watch.
High five the fast ride,
The backroads at night, the wood.

Beverly & me slip in the beer,
Beefsticks and cheese.
Play bingo in the back row,
Watch the movie on the hood.

Sic ‘em Trampas, sic ‘em.
Catch that rabbit by the cave,
Fight the wolf-dog after midnight,
Running red streaks when you could.

Beverly made me a Hobbit cake.
She read Lord of the Rings
Her senior Tornado year.
What a sight-

The Red Book of Westmarch traversing high school halls pressed against a Texas girl’s bosom.
I venture her adventure was ne’er traced again within those walls.

Combat with the wolf-dog
Took up more & more of Trampas’ time,
‘Til one day old Tramp didn’t even
Rest long enough to come home anymore.

I think those two still battle.
I may see them in my dark dream, in a silvery glade,
Surrounded by nightbirds and forest critters unseen.
Sic ‘im Trampas!

I don’t know if Beverly still has
The stuffed animal from the big fair that I won for her.
(She named him Smeagol)

She claims she don’t miss Texas, well I bet Texas misses her, like I miss Trampas.

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