Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Facebook in the Seventies"

Breaker one-five!
That's where we hung out on the Citizen's Band
Around this neck of the woods.

These were all dear friends,
Some I never did or will meet.
Some passed on way too early-
Brenda Marie Bowers Bolinger,
Von Miller,
Dale Snyder,
Tom Pearson,
Gene Pearson…
3's and 8's to y'all, and others I
Know not recent news of…

A roll call of best memories-

66, Doodlebug,
Little Deer, Suzi Q,
Mountain Goat,
Big Al, Minnie Mouse, Dr. Pepper,
East Texas, Kayo Kid, Wild Goose, Seatwarmer, Tex,
Jumping Judy(JJ), Bodyman, White Dove,
WT, Uncle Russ,
Ellie Mae,
Mr. Kool, Soul Sister, Jackhammer,
Hound Dog Man,
Stokley Boy,
Guitar Man,
Little T,
Brown Eyes,

See you all in that big coffee break in the sky,
Keep an eye out for Uncle Charlie!
This is Little Eagle, KFO-5700, signing off
One last time, forty years later…

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