Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Blurred Turnstile" for Momma's Birthday

My memorial stacks
Granite blocks, an
Obelisk finger to heaven.
Pale rain fades the edges.

‘Flour layers patted,
Rolled in turn.
Massed with the
Imprint of Egytpians.'

No need to buy
A smart, loving card.
Messaged personally
Beneath factory poem.

‘Pie pans filled.
Sheepnose apples
Graced with sugared
Dual tender crusts.'

Failed presents.
Another duster or mug.
(I fear there was a stuffed
Cat you secretly desired.)

‘Home from school, work.
Fire built or ready to light.
Riches beyond Tiffany's
Surrounded undeserv-ed me.'

It wasn't yesterday,
But it really was. Now
When I hear the theme from
"Cheers," I cry alone.

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