Monday, April 21, 2014

"Cemetery Lights"

Cellar knocker on my door.
Lost at sea or lost at shore?
No one knows who went before…

You going home tonight Julee?
Ready to cruise fell backroads
Of love, hate, regret and rebate?
Help me couch our twilight load?

I arrive, the we that is me.
Can you hear Lil Wayne do Milli?
Feel Kevin Rudolph on 105.3?
I play the play you wrote, silly!

Floating stiletto follows me,
Seven days since the captivity.
The pointed prick demands your blood-
It flows alone, muted crimson flood.

Your phone vibrates, why its Josh-
Calling you in the keepsake box!
Pity the fools that let you slip away
They plant pretty lights on your grave today.

A nice mix, 373
Cemetery lights adorn your plot.
Your burnished tinny land-bound yacht
Silently sailing this harbor of the dead.

Cemetery lights glow ghostly shapes,
Hummingbirds, butterflies, dragon drakes,
I placed one there among the throng;
Dolphin/dagger, blue like your thong.

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