Saturday, October 31, 2015


Will going West deliver me?

Will Grey Havens departure save me?

Or am I an upstart Sam Gamgee,

Hoping for unearned redemption?


(Tolkien’s refusal to allow Frodo and Sam’s

Friendship to be unbroken is so English.

Sam should have gone West too,

But he was not loveless as Frodo was.)


Unless-Frodo had a love, which he did!

Courtesy of English Major Deconstruction,

Frodo loved an Elf, who loved him back..

Whom I will not divulge, study the story grasshopper!


(She bore the Red Book of Westmarch West)


We are the West. As such California Is the Westest!

Who dares look at his destiny in the face?

I do, and I am prepared for the horror or the bliss!

There is no fate but what we make.


No waybread, no Elven cloak,

Nor even the comfort of Sting.

I journey West, naked in the sun.

With faith in the Valor to see me not undone.

The Hill now mourns the absence of Mr. Underhill.

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