Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So I had a
Ravensburger jigsaw
given to me...
Hoo-Hah, right?

I looked at the picture,
The piece count,
Then I saw a well-printed
Sticker on the side.

"This is a great puzzle,
But it is missing three pieces,"
Read the label neatly & solemnly.
I started thinking...

I don't think I have put a
Jigsaw together yet that I didn't
Suspect there was a piece
Or two missing.

When you consider it,
Our life is very much
Similar to a puzzle assembled
Piece by piece, year by year.

Sadly some are not completed
As much as we thought they would be.
But people never know going in that there
Are "pieces missing" in their life.

Yet, there very well may be...
But without a sticker warning,
The shortfall will not be known
Until the proper time, and I like that better.

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