Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rabbit's Birthday

We followed the secret trail
To the place in the woods
Where the animals celebrate,
Away from prying minds.

A sage grey rabbit
With a laurel on his head
Sat in the middle of a circle,
Surrounded by forest friends.

Friend Opossum spoke then,
Welcoming all to festivities
Honoring the birthday rabbit,
Winifred Quickfoot.

"We assemble today
To pay tribute to the oldest
Member of our woodland clan,"
Opossum proudly orated.

"Faster than traps of men
And legs of dogs,
Winifred gives us hope,
Of growing old and free."

Muskrats pulled jeweled carts
Of fine vegetables and cakes
In front on each guest,
While birdsong lilted the beeze.

We watched in silence
With smiling lips
As the birthday hymn was sung,
Then Winifred Quickfoot bowed and said...

"Of all my forest memories
the dearest of all are my friends & family.
Be true to each other and fast to run
When you see the shadow of man or hear his gun."

The party departed
All in separate ways.
Alice and I walked back to my house,
Amazed and engaged.

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