Sunday, November 4, 2012

“Oleander Tea”

Leave the way you came,
With your opinion to your self.
We don’t take kind to unknown
Furriers here, and our grass is blue.
Please have a cup of Oleander tea.

Never had a hard or cross word
With anyone that wasn’t wrong.
Now you must hurry, move along.
You need to hear some country song
While you drink some Oleander tea.

We decide how to run our business,
So don’t go expecting us to change
When fancy pants laws seek rearrange
Our own private Idaho family funs.
Drink your Oleander tea, before you run.

There ain’t no use bemoaning us at all.
The way we fill our jail and jello molds
Up to us-constitutional decree guarantee,
Life, liberty, and justice for all with gold,
Hurry on now, drink that Oleander tea!

All this flitter-flatter, pitter-patter,
Chitter-chatter has got me late to turn
The Titan’s timekeeping key, you see?
Son, get me my gun, this rascal willn’t
Drink him our gift of Oleander tea.

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