Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“The Raven-Haired Beauty of Gudger”

The Rambler’s Tale Part I-
I found myself drunken in Gudger,
In Chestua Church cemetery, all alone,
I rested my head on a comfy stone,
Of a winsome raven-haired beauty taken
Away from the life roads that I do roam.

The Enchantress’ Tale-
I find here a man in this dead land,
A searcher, a questioner marked male.
He rejects the common belief tale.
I see he loved a raven girl ripped
From Mother, and then Death tripped.

The Albino Snake’s Tale-
Here ye miscreants have found,
Buried deep in dank underground,
A lass, a fair Pooh girl betrayed,
By flitter female friends delayed,
Found by Death’s scythe’s dark ways.

The Constable’s Tale-
She was abandoned when abandoned
Her her sanctity and trust of no harm
Befalling a maid with her maids, untrue
Scattershot whiffs, faced truth anew,
Beshocked her scaly parseltongue allies.

The Coroner’s Tale-
No foul play this wet deserted coprse
Experienced she no friendship remorse.
Drowning Death from unknown allergy
Claimed this raven-hair girl’s life energy.
Parked alone in a too common Ingle’s lot.

The Rambler’s Tale Part II-
I loved the raven-haired maid of Gudger.
Yet I betrayed her as much as kith and kin.
I seek her company, but settle for her cold.
Ophidian solace, hissed at me as if to kill-
Leaves my soul naked, desolate as her last pill.

~Dedicated to Poohgurl, Tookie, Esta, Derek, JRG,
The Spartans of Thermopylae, & hanging chads anon.

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