Wednesday, October 3, 2012

“When You Write It, You Own It”

Read that Neil Young
Was sorry for his ‘Alabama’ tune,
Said he & Lynyrd had had no beef,
Happy birds all feeding-
Windowsill windmill sailing relief.

Neil went on further,
Saying oh so sorry that
Kurt quoted ‘Rust Never Sleeps’
In his supposed suicide note…
You wrote it-you own it Neil.

Take on the Yankee gushers,
The Rebel Yell plushers,
Then own it like a grown-up
Unfettered by regional meek
Shading, just be mature.

Braid your story,
Sing your song.
Write a lottery eulogy,
Admit when you’re wrong-
But when you write it-you own it.

Someday when you sit
In the court of the Crimson King
Or the Lamb that couldn’t sing-
Remember this one true thing,
When you write it-you own it.

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