Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“The Locked Room”

The house had a brooding look,
“Dollar Store makeover” said she,
“Plus its soooo cheap!” her added.
So we bought it and moved in on
Halloween night, right before dusk.

We had candy packets prepared
Yet no cars or kids even slowed
As they thronged busily past us.
“Must be used to no one living here.”
I said as another group hurried past.

After the tricksters, we watched TV,
Then toward midnight felt sleep urges,
So we traversed the stairs to bed,
Then noticed a door unseen before.
“What room could this be?” said I.

“Open it,” said she, and I tried to do.
Alas the door forbade me entry,
Locked as tight as deep winter wax.
“Look, there is a key,” said she,
Pointing toward a dangling opener.

I grabbed the key and turned it fast,
Sprang the door inwards, heard a gasp.
Troll-like creatures ran swiftly past,
Down the stairs, then into the yard-
Brandishing carving knives, giggling.

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