Thursday, October 25, 2012

“The Three Chairs of Leete House”

Come ye travelers and seek your rest
Here at Leete House, we know best.
Have a seat at the dinner complimentary,
We will leave you happy and empty,
Much like the way life has laid you.

Position One, the Vampire chair-
Seated happy and weak you feel,
The end of days is over-rated
Like Angus steak at a burger joint
Thrust between a drive-in and a bank.

Position Two, the Liar’s chair-
Tell us of your loves, your convictions,
Capital lies your Mother would not vouch,
Lived out on this seat, less than a
Couch to expose your false metrics.

Position Three, the Whore chair-
Now it can be told,
The wanted urges often bold and
Denied to all, even yourself and
The administration of corporate dollars.

Beware the node, beware the toad,
Beware the essence of truths once told.
May the sitter realize the settee and
Inform the Board most readily that
Gold standards are lies, like butterfly skies.

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