Tuesday, October 2, 2012

“One Place Peril”

I love it here,
No challenge.
Wait, is that good?
Too late the hero?
Best to fade away?

Travel young man-woman.
Adventure the day and night.
Lay down to a different
Starscape often young sprite!
Never feel the dread of familiarity.

Leaving means departing & going,
Going means fresh newness,
No Rick’s remitter reiterations
Of the safety dicuss or the kaizan fuss,
Or the smell on the funky Weaver bus.

“Manifest Destiny”
Was never a land grasp maxim.
Instead it was an alternative way to
Provide your bobbing ju-ju head with
Excitement usually reserved for bed.

Go West young man-woman.
Go East, Go North, Go South, Go forth!
Leave the Madding Crowd to settle
Insect politics and fast food menus-
Pursue the dream, go find your true self.

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