Thursday, October 25, 2012

“We Saved the Indians from Themselves”

No mound ghosts to scare kids,
No buffalo dreams to roam.
Fences square the lands,
Ear tags show the brands,
Medicine men can get Obama care.

Dream Catchers in pink VW bugs
Emasculated by fake daisies in
Fluted dash vases beside them-
Protection from Redskin scalpers
Not selling NFL tickets in D.C.

The Wendigo stalks the mountains,
Finding the ersatz camper, hiker, lover.
Howling the death scream, stealthy
Murders unsolved by natural means,
Blamed on bath salt inhaler junkies.

Visit the chill that previews the kill,
Seek the lair of the quiet Winter’s skill.
The Spirit of the forgotten dream
Seeks your soul to ream apart from
Body mean in the twilight unseen.

“Mommie, what happened to the Indians?”
“They all moved out west, until the West ended.”
What the dear child isn’t told is that where
West ended, the American version of
Auschwitz began for the Mosesless desert tribes.

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