Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“Soot on Snow”

Winter fires burn colder,
Like dark hearts in hiding,
Deciding which face to wear
To face each new day-
Abiding neighborhood stares.

Coffee, the planning,
Sandwich, the planning,
Pizza, the planning.
Ghoulish smile as darkness
Smothers the hope of light.

The game is afoot,
Grey lanes, grey drakes.
Lonely calls of separation.
Cadence, remember cadence-
Grip the handle of steel death.

The spin overcomes fear,
Red swirls peppermint candy.
Subwayed Earth bowels from
Point safe, to point knife.
Eviscerated minds and souls.

No one likes to visit the rats.
They spend sewer Christmases
With garland wrapped round
Dainty foot topped with
Star on inward bent big toe.

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