Thursday, October 4, 2012

“Rachel, Krista, Kasha”

When the RKK splash the ground
Solemnity is erased like a bad answer.
Little Dieter wants to fly but these
Girls’ smiles light the sky with a
Veracity not unlike a comet strike.
Rachel has doctor eyes
That make the pain go away.
The wispy lay of her pretty hair
On a symmetrical frame both
Fair in nature and yet aflame.

Krista carries the group denominator.
Friendliness as constantly musical as
Leaves trilling to the ground in November.
Her countenance befits a queen of Troy,
Too vast a universe for just one boy.

Kasha gives me goo-goo eyes,
Her grin slices heart icebergs-mocking
Dr. Evil’s darkest laser designed mini-me.
The deafness cure lies with her smile
Communicating deftly through her eyes.

I earnestly maintain that this SuperTrio sprang
Forth from a long-lost Dionysian spring.
So bring along all your troubles and woes,
Then watch them float away from Orange City
When the RKK gaze tingles your toes.

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