Thursday, October 25, 2012

“The Lazy Caterpillar”

Oh. why should I cross this pallid frame?
Laid to rest on clover I love best?
Should frost dictate my appetites?
These shorter days and longer nights.
Under skies not witnessed by summer.

The orange monsters ply night fears,
I just hibernate my set of drears.
I cannot change these frigid times,
Else I would fly to warmer chimes-
Trapped am I as an ethered corpse.

John, Jonah, Jonas, what was his name?
He elapsed under the full moon game.
She came, she went, she his life spent.
All in the name of love and fame
Under skies loving no one’s name.

Insect dorma, insect pride,
Insect revelation of buggish pride.
Tell me caterpillar, what is life?
That dead Ted here lies without a wife?
The dirge plays anon, like a country song.

Caterpillar, Caterpillar. Sing me a song.
Make it gay and true but not too long.
Leave the world the way you like best.
Skeletons bleached, lonely greyed crest-
Chest burst open by butterflies unrest.

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