Thursday, October 4, 2012

“Giants in Those Days”

Riding down the grey way,
Isn’t the thrill of yesterday.
Too much going on now for
Anyone to want to stay.
Don’t let the sun fade away!

Prepping Mac issues and
Playing Half-Life while
Eating Victor Nasser humus
Washed down with flaskwater
Jammed with that Marilyn guy.

Bowling on lunch hour and
Eating Cajun chicken,
Watching convertible Ford’s
Break down on the interstate.
Looking around for the lost exit.

We wielded tech swords with
Shields of Norton manuals.
Modding playstations while
Directing the errant Iowan on
How to update a sound card.

Borrowing tools from Radio Shack.
Selling out of the trunk at West Town.
The dawn of our Computer Age-
The gold rush of the twentieth century.
Can you make me a new CD?

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