Monday, June 10, 2013


Thirteen days and no rain,
She holds the faded picture,
Imagining the swing over the creek,
The last race for a third-grade geek.

Spiders tutor textile workers,
Emotions learned via wikifeel,
How many days are revealed,
‘Til her shoulder meets the shield?

Bollywood celebrates misogyny.
The latest news crawl indicates,
Lasting sadness from her restraint.

Thirty minute infomercial,
Uninterrupted by any newsday,
The lost origin of caviar,
Drusilla appeal of a fast car.

Peeled. Cored. Eaten.
Lost between the folds.
Ironed out imagined wrinkles,
Invitation to a dance of twinkles.

Cinderella lived before guillotines,
Else the French would her have slain.
Whisper down the diving stream.
I am alive, and I am clean!

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