Thursday, June 27, 2013

“Ennui vs. Tattoos”

Well I’m old.
But I learned a thing or two.
The main thing being,
It’s easier to get marked than be marked.

Everyone is so consumed with ‘ISMS.
Lennon warned us in
“Give Peace a Chance”
Yet the deafness abides.

Listen children, listen-
Feelings linger, but they are real.
Tattoos are impulsive and lose their appeal.
Consider the lineage before you commit.

Being lonely and distraught is
NOT the same as having  a biker
Altamont singed on your buttocks.
Consider the results, please.

Be free, live the moment, feel the force
Rushing you through the framework
Accepted as your life.
Be not the slavish wife.

Get Pooh Bear tatted on your
Hundred Acre Wood, &
Admit that Who Killed Cock Robin
Is Irrevalent.

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