Thursday, March 27, 2014

"The Death of Uncas"

---"But once, we were here." Chingachgook, The last of the Mohicans.

Slipping through the forest thickets
Spryly; a springing leopard on the veldt.
Uncas! Unfettered by guilt, debt, or regret,
Seeks his love, his destiny, his own Munro.

Ancestor Spirit flows in his veins,
The son of the father, a soul without chains.
Uncas! Friend to all that would be free,
Companion to Hawkeye, la long carabine.

Duelling with Magua, whose hate burns
Beyond extinction. Felled by a fell blade…
Uncas! Beloved child, friend, and future groom,
Banished from earth to his heavenly tomb.

Taller than the treetops, swifter than the raven,
Nature spirits mourn the long death plummet of
Uncas! Brave-man, lover of life and the sister
Munro, following her wherever she may go

Above, Below. Love is the artificial horizon.

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