Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"The Robot Rapture"

New Old Japan
Started the postmodern love fray-
“Why can’t robot and man
Be married today?”

‘There is no need of divorce,
When your partners possess
On/off switches on the back
Of their neck,”-they profess.

Now the fad has gone amuck.
Robot bill of rights, baptism,
Discount disco night-no end in
Sight for this mechanical schism.

Factions groups demand a stop
To rampant robot intermarriage.
ChromeHead-One chronicled that
“Sorrow powers empty baby carriage.”

(To the credit of society, we didn’t
Enslave the robots with Church edict sing.
Nor did we drive them from their native land.
Mandated kill switches made us king.)

It surprised us all, well not the Jews,
That day the robot souls drifted like fog
To their own gearhead Paradise, leaving
Man to once again clean up after his dog.

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