Friday, June 6, 2014

"A Soldier Leaves Madrid"

Horizon mountains
Kneel reverently
As the old warrior
Gazes afar.

Behind lay battles,
Friends,foes and her-
Esmeralda of the plains.
Keeper of wayward hearts.

Ahead lay the Nazis,
Authors of the Perfect Plan.
Efficient disposers, impure purifiers.
Hollow men with hollow hearts.

The old warrior inspects his men.
Saplings cut across the USA.
First grade writing class now,
Pencils dragged with heavy hearts.

Sea foam pierces nostrils
As pings and plunks
Of bullets assault steel and flesh-
Dead men fighting with ripped hearts.

"Normandy! Normandy! Normandy!"
Cry the surf waders, slogging
Slow-motion, hating their killbox,
Loving their country with all their hearts.

Marie du Mer cleans the fish
Her Papa brings home for supper.
The biggest one is old and scarred.
His belly carries a locket, a heart.

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