Monday, August 17, 2009


Biggie I never knew you.
But I know you well.
You rhymes transcended your times,
They explained the meaning of life.

Your name was Smalls,
But you were Notorious,
Never plain like a KAT bus.
Your rap rapped my heart.

Now the whole world waits,
Like a ticking time bomb,
For a new messenger’s aplomb.
The waiting is the hardest part.

Behind the Sonic a car is parked.
Lorna Doom can’t find her groove,
Mizo Thorne prepares his move,
They are lost in pagan disco beats.

Come back Notorious B.I.G.!
The residue of hope is fading,
The masses are complaining,
They do not know your peace.

Princes are not born,
They are created,
Never satiated,
Always sucking on life’s nipple.

Even after death.
With no regret or guilt
For an empire built,
True Princes reign forever.

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