Monday, August 17, 2009

Tattoo Scars - for Brenda

Top of my head, from a stob near the house.
Chin, from the floor mopping slip-up.
Right arm, from the little red haired girl in summer school 1972.
Left arm, the polio vaccine, now faded away with time.
Left arm, from the crash of ’76.
Left hand, from a Hiwassee cubicle assembly.
Left hand, from an IGA boxcutter.
Right hand, from a strange blister in the third grade.
Heart, from love’s labours lost.
Stomach, from a myriad of hernias and one bad gallbladder.
Lower back, from a bad L-5 disc.
Knees, from a wonderful childhood.
Left ankle, from a fat girl in dance class.

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