Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Old Log Road

Now an overgrown gulley,
The old log road
Used to be a playground
For the farm children
Playing in the woods.

Cows favored the old log road
For the easy access to
Good shade and yummy
Treats that didn’t grow
Much in the pasture.

Foxes and owls enjoyed
Hunting on the old log road
During night’s shift of
Food gathering and
Predator competitions.

Young lovers and old drunks
Each found happiness and
Safety on the old log road.
Parents and lawmen seldom
Checked there after dark.

The old log road misses the
Laughter and the excitement
That once coursed its vein,
Consoled today only by occasional
Forest breezes and summer rains.

No one sees the old hoop, the slate,
Or the silver locket that were
Left or lost there long ago,
Covered in new growth and
Buried in memories now fading.

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