Tuesday, July 31, 2012

“Hey Ho, Fat Momma Like Football”

True orphans have the worst lot in life,
Few of them get to fly with the Pan.
But Fat Momma skinny boys,
Have a very hard go, living in a home with no man.

Fat Momma say “be Fat Momma’s football hero!”

Skinny boy gets hit all over the field,
Like having a mean ole coot at home!
Waif boys no get to catch n throw,
Coach rolls them out like they be slaves in Rome.

Fat Momma say “you better like girls, you BETTER like girls.”

Skinny boy forgets to like anything,
Wishes he could just play in the yard with a bird,
Then he flies away - laws he fly a ways away
When he hear Fat Momma say “my boy’s no nerd!”

Hey ho, Fat Momma skinny boy gone.

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