Monday, July 30, 2012

"Icebergs Only Melt for Broken Hearts"

Fl00zie Fran met Dapper Dan
In a setting their mother's would not like.
But, the parlor place aside, something good took
Between the crook and the snook.

(Everyone wants to fit a couple into
Their own Prince C & Sleeping B myth,
Yet the street-wise and the oh-mys
Combined into something dope legit)

Its like...

People that never travel seem to know all the
Boring details of exotic locales just as
Tylenol PM couples become experts on sleep
Without ever realizing they are costumed sheep.


FF & DD get married in a drive-thru
By a burly black velvet stubbled chef
Flanked by Norman from Oklahoma-
Holding chicken strips for the next car.

Then... while everyone else sees red and dread,
Eighty great years pass and the pair's great advice?
Well its not "don't do anything you'll regret"...Its
"Don't regret anything you do!"

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