Monday, July 30, 2012

"Six Thousand Words"

Thirteen hundred and eighty seven
Adjectives describing my love
For you and I never even got to the letter P…
I ran out of word vouchers.

Why must everything be important to all?
I liked it better when we could have importances
Shared by two, or a few, or a crew in a pew.
Not this universal happatriot resolved mass.

Meeting in the shadows thins, romanced on
Atkins diet when we live on daylight’s rim,
Working to live yet living to work while
Monuments of our bravado crush our hearts.

Can you love a man unable to credit the necessary words
Proven sufficient to pillow your beauty and willow your senses?
(I ink my pen with blood dyed tears, my red elixir
Seeps from wounds born of segregation education)

Once a source of ridicule and debate, was the perceived
Coloring of different states, reflecting varying levels of cowbrain.
You live in your red and I in my blue as Deep Purple Haze
Monitors our thoughts and limits our

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