Friday, May 30, 2008

Childhood Memory Fragments 1

Armed with walking sticks and packing an exotic lunch of boiled eggs and M&Ms, my Aunt Esta and I would plunge into the forest that bordered our farmland throughout the warm months during my early years. There where many landmarks in those woods, most of them forgotten by me when that troubling yet seemingly necessary haze started to cloud my recollections as I grew older. A few I do recall were Hoot Owl Hollow, Raccoon Ridge, and Possum Flat(or something). Velvety moss provided us with deluxe rest stop seating along the way. After lunch and during the walk home we would hold hands and swing our arms back and forth singing "de oodle, de oodle, de dum dum doodle. De oodle de oodle le oh..." Good times.

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