Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Try Us Out For Free...
Think about it, isn't that just a little um-
Desparate? Disparate? Wrong?

Open communication,
But you must be a paying member to view pictures-
Yeah, let's fall in love and call it blind faith.

Warning signs plus red flags equals run, Forrest, run.
Check it out, this question has a built in answer,
What are your body-type preferences for your mate?

The real closer comes when you manage to
Actually get cut off before you have even met-
Without a doubt the antithesis of speed-dating.

This is an actual "must have" selection I got at no cost,
Traditional.....I must have someone who is reserved
And traditional in their sexual needs.

Traditional compared to what? New Guinea cannibals?
Dark Age Vikings? Emancipated Republicans?
I humbly bow to the importance of just what the meaning of is is.

Spending a weekend with the disturbance of anticipation
Is not that bad until you realize, resignedly, that
What you lost from technologies gain can't be rebottled.

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