Friday, May 30, 2008

Transmutation Groupie

I never knew I was changing until the day the mirror shrieked when I tried to shave.
Your love had grown so strong that I hadn't noticed how I was becoming different in the
ways in which I interacted with my friends and family. No wonder you became a necessary nectar, quenching my inner cravings. The johnny part is that now I'm finally self-aware of the change-I still like it, but I don't like you.

The only thing is, now that you have bent me into a different balloon critter from the shape I was born in, I need much more room, more myspace, to expand in. This multi-act, burning my own private Idaho's Holy of Holies, can't be limited to your single scene immolation of wildfire. I'm my own thermite firebrand now. The best thing for your personal nirvana is to go "back to the howling old owl in the woods, hunting the horny back toad,"* bitch.

*Thanks Sir John

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