Thursday, May 29, 2008

special to MVPL

One Teardrop

by: Dahl Cook

One teardrop fell upon my cheek today,

With it my dreams were washed away.

You were so near all the day long,

I was even blessed by your beautiful song.

One teardrop bearing a sad message to me,

Of how my hearts desires are not meant to be.

Though my heart aches for your sweet loves touch,

I came to see I was expecting entirely too much.

One teardrop filled with so much pain,

Left my heart stripped and broken again.

I love you my lady, and will never stop,

But my future was revealed in one teardrop.

One teardrop was sent to clear a wide path

For countless other tears, heartbreaks aftermath.

The future I saw isn't set in stone it's true,

But my future, my love seems to exclude you.

One teardrop I wish I had not shed.

Made my heart feel it had never been fed.

My heart is now vacant, an empty well.

I wish sincerely that one tear drop had not fell.

I'll always love you.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Thank-you for contributing.

One tear can hold a lot of words and emotions, and for a long time.