Friday, September 14, 2012

“New Bad Luck”

Counting past 31 to a calendar,
Expecting better on a ballot,
Keeping the one-eyed fish,
Paying to see Aerosmith,
Eating Greek yogurt at Church.

Watching Friday the 13th then,
Replying to Spam,
Trying to subtract using the Elemental Chart,
Flying over Los Alamos on a Monday,
Eating at Truck Stops on private drives.

Entering a race with your real name,
Going to Bristol for Nascar in March,
Wearing rubber boots on a first date,
Reciting Soft Cell lyrics in class,
Eating solar heated TV dinners.

Any Mexican vacation,
Paying annual membership at a library,
Wearing a wig from a funeral hime,
Observing the mating habits of freshmen,
Eating in the Wal-Mart ‘restaurant’.

Wearing the same colored socks for a test,
Taking pictures in the dark in Englewood,
Running toward the neighbor’s dog Bonkers,
Leaving an IOU as a tip at the A&W,
Eating in Etowah on ANY Monday.

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