Thursday, September 20, 2012

"The Gift"

A random street refugee clad in bunny shoes
Approached  good Ms Mama Bess & Baby Gee
Asking with authority, “Are you a Christian?”
(Just like in the song “Walking in Memphis”)
Of course good Ms Mama Bess said “Yes!”

The wizened possible malconcent rogue
Then plopped a weird round rock squarely into
Mama Bess’ pale white right hand and gleefully
Professed, “this here be a diamond blessing for
Sweet, sweet Baby Gee and a totem o’ luck to ye!”

Mama Gee left, her heart hotrodding in a flutter
Wondering if she and caterpillar Baby Gee
Were rich and ready for a Knoxville Kohl’s trip.
Her friends quoted Scripture and science,
Then something unexpected flew in the zoo.

The rock began to sing, it sang a song about
Cutting glass and cutting class and
Sermons on the Mount behind Wood’s
Truckstop converting 5 loaves and fish
Into Facebook credits and an Ebay wish.

“Golly Gee, we have hit solid gold Baby,”
Mama Bess wiped a tear and confessed.
She put Singing Rock on the mantle Uncle Jess
Brung back from the Viet Cong home of Ages.
-Duo prayed earnestly to melodic mineral Diety.

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