Monday, December 17, 2012

“Corduroy a Go-Go”

Most people like denim-
“It’s a way of life, Tim!”
But discerning cool cat Joes
Wear corduroy a go-go.

Away from the fray,
(Neighboring O Tay)
Indigo crowd’s “Hoo-ray!”
Ne’er corduroy a go-go way.

Feel those corded ridges,
Go-go over the bridges,
So when the time-bell rings,
No reminiscing stings!

While a saxophone fairy
Round the mirror ball tarries-
The corduroy a go-go spins
Velvet planet waves o’er skin.

Don’t fade away-go loudly,
Go-go corduroy life proudly.
First-prize is a happy face,
Second-prize is borrowed Grace.

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